Even though the tourist season begins with the Easter holidays, visiting Myrtos is a wonderful experience at any time. With each season Myrtos takes a different look; the winter, a regular rainy season, can be paradise for the tourist seeking warm weather (temperatures range from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius) and peaceful quiet surroundings. All local and foreign visitors have gone home, and the swallows have returned; the tourist industry has shut down and the villagers now turn to their traditional life style of harvesting the olives, picking the oranges and drinking raki at the local cafes. The hills surrounding Myrtos, the orange grove - at it's best at this time  and the empty beaches are ideal for long, peaceful, romantic walks or reading refuges. During the evening, the winter visitor can find himself at the local "café-restaurants" mingling with the villagers, sipping the local wine and dinning on the "real" traditional cooking of Crete. There are several hotels that offer winter accommodations with heated rooms.

Spring in Myrtos is a symphony of dazzling colors, sweet aromas, and brilliant light! The valley and the hills are now dressed with the freshest green accented by the white of the orange blossoms and the red and yellow of the spring flowers!  It is as if the sky with all its rapid changes of the winter has finally chosen it's best color - the deepest blue - for the new season!  The sea has calmed down; it is warm, and clean and fresh; it is most inviting! Inside the village, freshness is the most obvious characteristic as well! All the houses  rentals or not  - the hotels, the cafes, the restaurants, the sidewalks, are all freshly painted and whitewashed! Both, day and night life, are moving outdoors with the lunch tables under the thick shade of the mulberry trees.  The Easter week traditions add to the color and the lively atmosphere of the spring season!

Summer can be captured in three words: sun, sea and play! The village is now filled with local and foreign tourists for long endless days of swimming, sunbathing, fishing, boating, and fun!  Walking on the sea front at dinnertime you can experience the animated and often "explosive" talk of the Greeks in a wonderful contrast with the more "quiet" dining of the multi-nation visitors. No where is the night sky so vast and so mysterious as above the road from Myrtos to Vatos! And nothing can be as fulfilling and satisfying as a midnight walk on that road! 

September is the "beginning of the end".  The pleasant summer breeze and the "tourist fever" are cooling down a bit; the blue of the sea and the sky is slowly turning into gray and so are the green leaves of the mulberry trees! The first rain of the fall brings a wonderful sigh of relief to both, the thirsty earth and the tired workers of the tourist industry. The local and the foreign tourists have gone home now; but . there are still plenty of summer weeks ahead; and the good thing about that?

You can have Myrtos all to yourself!

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